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I have something for everyone, whether you are a reader looking for good books and book reviews or an author searching for affordable author services. I specialize in clean fantasy, in building grim worlds that contrast starkly with the light of God’s grace. Even my fairy tales, although not overtly Christian, are clean reads with morals to be learned. I also love flawed, tragic characters: characters who struggle, make mistakes, and have great opportunity for growth. I believe in networking, so this website will also occasionally showcase my favorite Indie authors as well as anthologies. Please feel free to contact me anytime. I do my best to answer every message.

I found the editor I want to work with for the rest of my author’s life! …She’s the only person I’ve worked with who can mange to pulverize a manuscript (for good), but do it with such positive attitude, kindness and strong encouragement, that it doesn’t hurt.

– Diely Pichardo-Johansson

I was already a fan of Ms. Jezowski after reading her novella “Wither,” from Five Enchanted Roses, but this full-length novel (After: Book One in The Neverway Chronicles) was even better! Darker, richer, more heart-rending, with deep characterization and a vividly written Neverway world.

– J.M. Stengl

I am so grateful that Savannah took the care that she did with my manuscript. She has a very efficient turn over and I will absolutely use her editing service again.

– Laura Bendoly

In Ms. Jezowski’s world, the spotlight is reserved for her strong cast of characters.

– Scott Cahan

Savannah Jezowski’s After is a deliciously creepy book, written from the first-person point of view of Eli, the main character… While this is a mix of fantasy, science fiction, dystopia, and a dash of Christian cautionary tale, the book’s characters would be right at home on the pages of Charles Dickens’ works, and that is one of its chief appeals.

– A.L. Peevey