Sarah Addison-Fox

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Savannah on multiple projects. Her design skills are first-rate, her patience is endless, she is quick to respond and she is always willing to accommodate.

I’m looking forward to working with Savannah for future projects and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Sarah Addison-Fox – Author of The Allegiance Series

Cover Design – Annie Douglass Lima

I have been consistently happy with Savannah Jezowski’s covers and graphics. She has done a great job coming up with eye-catching designs that perfectly match my stories. She is easy to work with and has always been willing to dialog back and forth with me, making adjustments and coming up with new ideas, until we are both satisfied with the final product. I highly recommend her cover design services!

Annie Douglass Lima – Author of Heartsong

Cover Design – Tammy Lash

Savannah Jezowski has made several book covers for me over my career as an author, and I’ve loved every one. Savannah is a patient worker with an eye for detail. She works hard to make certain her clients are happy and she won’t close a project until everything is just right. I appreciate Savannah’s work ethic and friendship. I’m thankful I have access to her talent. My work shines with a special kind of bright because of her.

Tammy Lash – Author of White Wolf and the Ash Princess

Cover Design – Sarah Ashwood

I used Savannah’s services to create a mock cover for a short story published in an anthology,  as well as graphics for a giveaway on my Facebook page.  She worked with me to make sure it was exactly what I wanted,  including patiently tweaking the tiny details I wanted changed.  Her prices are very affordable.  I’d definitely recommend her services.
Sarah Ashwood – Author of Aerisian Refrain

Review by A.L. Peevey

Savannah Jezowski’s After: Neverway Chronicles Volume 1 tells the dark story of Conrad Ellis the Third or Eli, a spook, whose nightly job is not only to escort notable visitors in and out of the ancient city of Pandorum but also to herd creepers, the restless dead, to beyond the city’s boundaries called Neverway. Pandorum itself is a city of levels accessible only through guarded gates. Ruling with an iron hand, the emperor resides in the upper city, the citadel, forbidden to anyone not carrying a “marker”, the nearly unobtainable pass. Along with his half-brother, Ivan, Eli works diligently to support his family while keeping a secret that threatens his very life. Then, one night, he stumbles upon the first victim of a murderer whose bloody deeds pull Eli into a mystery of dangerous intrigue leading to the forbidden citadel.

Savannah Jezowski’s After is a deliciously creepy book, written from the first-person point of view of Eli, the main character. Some of its popular elements include the zombie-like dead, mainly to be pitied, who have succumbed to an incurable, endemic plague that strikes without warning but is an accepted part of daily life. While this is a mix of fantasy, science fiction, dystopia, and a dash of Christian cautionary tale, the book’s characters would be right at home on the pages of Charles Dickens’ works, and that is one of its chief appeals. Jezowski’s writing style is straightforward and very readable, and she is never guilty of overwhelming us with background information. So, for an entertaining and thoughtful read, After comes highly recommended!



Review by Scott Cahan

After by Savannah Jezowski is a character-driven story about a close-knit family’s struggle to stay together and survive in a dark world full of good and bad magical forces. The central character is Conrad, a troubled soul with a strong moral compass. He is the natural leader in a family of four boys and a useless step-father. Through a chain of events, Conrad becomes the protector of a young princess who is being hunted by a ruthless assassin. His youngest brother, Victor, is kidnapped and held in exchange for the princess. In an effort to save both Victor and the princess, Conrad and a colorful cast of characters set out on a journey that will challenge them all in more ways than one.

After is the first book in a series called The Neverway Chronicles. It sets the stage for stories to come by establishing the setting and characters. Savannah Jezowski’s strength as a writer is in painting vibrant pictures for her readers through her words. She has created a dark grimy world for her series to exist in that is easy to visualize thanks to her vivid descriptions. Her characters are fleshed out thoroughly with strengths, flaws, and idiosyncrasies. This book was classified as Christian fantasy/sci-fi and she did a good job of writing so that the story will appeal to both Christians and non-Christians. There are Christian concepts hidden within the themes of the book, but they are so well cloaked that it would be easy to miss them unless one was looking for them. I recommend After for anyone who enjoys a good fantasy with strong characters. There is magic at play and zombie-like creatures called Creepers, but all of the supernatural elements are downplayed. They are always around but never given the spotlight. In Ms. Jezowski’s world, the spotlight is reserved for her strong cast of characters.


J.M. Stengl

I was already a fan of Ms. Jezowski after reading her novella “Wither,” from Five Enchanted Roses, but this full-length novel (After: Book One in The Neverway Chronicles) was even better! Darker, richer, more heart-rending, with deep characterization and a vividly written Neverway world.

Diely Pichardo-Johansson

I found the editor I want to work with for the rest of my author’s life!

Being a perfectionist and a little obsessive, the process of editing a book had always been excruciating for me. Few things in life are more painful than getting your “Baby,” (the book you poured your soul into), returned to you slashed and blasted with criticism. And I admit  I’m a little thin-skinned.

Finding Savannah as an editor was the best thing that happened to my third novel, and to my view of the editing process in general. She’s the only person I’ve worked with who can mange to pulverize a manuscript (for good), but do it with such positive attitude, kindness and strong encouragement, that it doesn’t hurt. She patiently coaxed me to fix issues, while relentlessly praising the things I was doing well—the best recipe to get me inspired into working even harder. She improved the story tremendously, by spotting plot holes and seeming contradictions, and by pointing out characters which needed polishing. She blew my mind with suggestions to enrich the language of my descriptions, enliven scenes, flesh out my setting and accentuate character feelings. I learned so much in the process, I feel like I took an additional college course on writing. She seriously should charge A LOT more than she does.

I’m a challenging author: I write too much, and get carried away with too many characters and plot lines. My plotting brain runs faster than my literary brain and my sentences come out as choppy and repetitive. Also, English is not my first language. I tend to get wordy and built awkward sentences. And still two decades after making English my main language, grammar and prepositions are my kryptonite. After going through the editing process with Savannah I feel closer to becoming the author I’d like to be.

And the best part was having Savannah see through all my weaknesses, and still take the time to  find my strengths, bring them to my attention, and inspire me to keep going. It was such an amazing process I can’t wait to do it again.

I’ve worked with five editors before in different projects, and have gotten sample edits from a dozen others, searching for a good fit. I finally found it! I recommend Savannah whole-heartedly.

Laura Bendoly

If you need a content editor, choose Savannah. She read my historical fiction draft so thoroughly, and remarked with such competence, I have retooled all the plot holes that I’d worried about and was alerted to several other ones I’d never have seen on my own. I’d have been leaving a lot of narrative trails unresolved without Savannah’s help. She also gave me great, specific advice on the reliability of characters and showed places where their motivations needed greater evidence. These are some of the most difficult nuances of fiction and I am so grateful that Savannah took the care that she did with my manuscript.

She has a very efficient turn over and I will absolutely use her editing service again.